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We, at Teenymedia, believe in bringing about a positive change in the entertainment and technology fronts. Our editorial properties, including TechQuila and LeisureByte, provide people a platform to gain knowledge, perspective and joy through words.

Why Teeny Media?

Although the name is a bit funny (trust us, we know), we wanted to remember where we started – as a tiny brand out to change the world and leave an impact. Our company wants to remember its roots and remind upcoming entrepreneurs that it’s possible to reach new highs – only if you believe in yourself and the content that you create!

Our goal at Teenymedia is to trigger discussions and create obsessions, whether it be pertaining to tech or entertainment. The audience should be inspired by our words to take charge and watch a movie or buy a new phone – we want to help them make decisions and give sound advice. Thus, we try to keep the quality of our content high and our approach friendly – Teenymedia’s diversified and scalable brands are approachable and engaging.

Our most appreciated

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We are behind two of the upcoming leading brands that handle various topics including technology, games, entertainment and TV, and lifestyle. We attract a sizeable number of consumers to our brands’ websites every day and strive to bring more in the upcoming years.



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