Who we are

Our small group of passionate writers love what they do – they love creating impactful stories for the community in the most informative and entertaining way possible. They are also a part of the audience which gives them a unique perspective that is different from the rest. They are contributing, passionate and valuable members of the community and bring their ethics and values to work. You can find their values, and ours, reflecting in each and every piece of content that our brands produce – and Teenymedia plans to keep it that way.

What we do

We are behind two of the upcoming leading brands that handle various topics including technology, games, entertainment and TV, and lifestyle. We attract a sizeable number of consumers to our brands’ websites every day and strive to bring more in the upcoming years.

In the future, Teenymedia plans to venture further into the unknown, well, for us at least. We want to explore other fronts and leave an impact there as well. While technology, entertainment and lifestyle will always be with us, branching out further would help us connect with more people and create deeper impacts – which is something that inspires us to do better every day.

Meet our dedicated


Rohit Pandit


I enjoy designing workflows. I'm the one who makes sure the operations are on the right track, the team efficiency is high.

Archi Sengupta

Head of Content

Passionate for gaming, I love to give you a helping hand. I face every request like a new challenge to bring my skills to a new level.